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Three Tips For Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During The Holidays

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Children love candy and sugary drinks, and these substances are never as prevalent as during the holiday season. To make matters worse, the holidays are a busy time for parents. Although most parents have the best intentions, it’s easy to overlook a child’s oral hygiene habits during this stressful season. To ensure your child’s teeth don’t suffer the consequences of endless sugar and forgotten tooth brushing sessions, follow these tips. Tip #1: Keep low-sugar holiday snacks around. During parties and family gatherings, it’s common to leave bowls of candy around for munching. A healthier option is to replace these snacks with other snacks that are equally as tasty, but not as sugary. Almonds, seasoned crackers, and pretzels and dip are all great choices that won’t leave as much sugar lingering on your child’s teeth (or your own) for hours....

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3 Tips For Keeping Your Prescription Eyeglasses In Top Shape

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Your prescription eyeglasses open up the world of sight to you, sharpening images and making it easier for you to do things like spot street signs, read a blackboard, and enjoy a film. Your optometrist, like the Londonderry Eye Care Optometrists, works carefully with you to help you buy the prescription glasses that best correct your sight. Keep clear vision a top priority by taking special care of your prescription eyeglasses and protecting your investment. Here are three tips for keeping your prescription eyeglasses in top shape. Only use optometrist approved lens cleaning sprays. It is normal for your glasses to get dirty throughout the day. Whether there it is dust, dirt, or fingerprints, it is always a good idea to clean your glasses. Make sure that you proceed with caution before spraying a cleaning solution on to your lenses. You...

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Tips To Help Your Toddler Transition To Eyeglasses

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It takes time to adjust to wearing glasses, especially for toddlers. Some toddlers may adapt fairly well to their new eyeglasses and wear them immediately. Other toddlers can be stubborn and refuse to wear glasses at all. If your toddler is having difficulty adjusting to his or her new eyeglasses, follow these tips to make the transition period easier. 1. Choose a Comfortable Style One of the most common reasons for toddlers not wanting to wear glasses is that they simply aren’t comfortable. As the nose bridge in a small child is not yet fully developed, the weight of glasses can cause tenderness or skin irritation. Opt for a lightweight pair of glasses that fit just right – not too loose and not too tight. It can be beneficial to use adjustable nose pads until your child gets used...

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4 Ways To Help Your Child Adjust To Their New Hearing Aids

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One in 4,000 children in Canada is born with hearing problems that can result in the need for support in the form of hearing aids. If your child is like most kids who have to adjust to wearing hearing aids, they probably are not too excited about it. Help your little one adjust to their new aids with the help of these methods: Choose a Cool Color One of the easiest ways to make your child’s hearing aids more appealing to them is to order a pair in a fun color. Colored hearing aids may be a little more expensive than a basic pair, but the expense will be well worth the big smile that your child has when they see their favorite color adorned on their dreaded hearing aids. You may even be able to get your hands...

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Four Conditions That Can Benefit From Routine Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy is often recommended as part of a series of treatments for many different physical conditions. In fact, there are four common conditions that can benefit greatly from massage therapy to ease pain and discomfort. Here’s a look at a few health conditions that may benefit from a referral to massage therapy. Arthritis Marked by inflammation in the joints, arthritis leads to chronic pain that can be difficult to manage. In order to address the deeper inflammation of arthritis, you’ll want a massage technique that can penetrate deep enough in the tissue to make a difference. Although Swedish massage therapy may not prove effective, something like Shiatsu may help to ease joint pain and encourage more range of motion. The most effective massage therapist for this type of condition is one that has experience working with both arthritis...

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