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Tell-Tale Signs Your Toddler Is Having Trouble Seeing

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tell-Tale Signs Your Toddler Is Having Trouble Seeing

People of all ages can suffer from vision problems, even those cute little toddlers; and while a toddler’s vision can certainly be corrected, treating his or her vision problems can be a bit more difficult than treating an adult’s. After all, it’s not like your 23 month old is going to tell you that the pictures in the books you are reading him are fuzzy or that the images on a beloved cartoon are distorted. So, how can you tell if your toddler is having difficulty seeing? Look for the following signs to help you determine if your child is having a vision problem. Proximity to Things Does your toddler stand super close to the TV when their favorite cartoon is on? Perhaps you notice that he or she holds books right up to their nose when flipping through...

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Why Is Your Little Toe Crooked?

Posted by on May 5, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Does your little toe seem crooked compared to your others? Sometimes this is just a minor genetic abnormality and nothing to worry about, but other times, it could mean that you have hammer toe. Here’s a look at how to tell the difference, and what to do if you do think you’re developing hammer toe in your pinky toe. How long has your toe been like that? Can you remember a time when your toe was straight? If not, you were probably born with crooked little toes. Unless they are rubbing on your shoes or causing you pain, there’s really no reason to worry. Just make sure you wear shoes that don’t press on them, and contact a podiatrist if you start developing any weird calluses or corns as a result of your crooked little toes. If you do...

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Exercising Safely Can Help You Avoid Injury

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When the average person begins an exercise regimen, improving their health is typically the ultimate goal. However, in some instances, exercise can actually end up hindering your health. If you are not going about your exercise routine correctly, you could injure yourself during the process. Make certain you know some of the fundamental safety tips for exercising to protect your health. Warm-Up Make certain you begin every exercise routine with a warm-up. Some people are under the impression that you only need a warm-up when you are performing high-impact exercises, such as running or kickboxing. A warm-up is also important for low-impact exercises, like walking. A warm-up helps loosen your joints and muscles and slowly increases your heart rate. If your joints are stiff when you start exercising, this increases your risk of an injury. Cross-Train It’s best to...

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Learn What To Do If The Bands On Your Braces Become Loose Or Broken

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Braces are often used to fix the alignment of teeth, but can also be used to correct an overbite. If you have braces to correct an overbite, there will be small elastic bands that attach to the braces to tighten them. If the bands come loose, the braces will not be as tight as they need to be and will not do the job they were intended to do properly. Use the following guide to learn what to do if the elastic bands on your braces come loose or break: Find the Broken Band You will be able to feel when one of your bands break or become loose because your braces will suddenly feel much looser than they usually do. When a band becomes loose or breaks, the first thing you need to do is find and remove...

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Choosing A Power Chair Battery That Can Keep Up With You

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Choosing a powered wheelchair is a great choice for those that require the extra boost in mobility. However, you must also choose a battery for the wheelchair. And while that may sound easy, it’s something that you should take some time to think about. Not all batteries are the same. What’s the Big Deal? Your wheelchair battery has a lifecycle. If you look at its specifications, you may see the battery is only good for so many charges, or so many months. For example, if the specifications say your battery will last roughly 12 months, that rating doesn’t take into account your actual real use. It’s assuming that over the next 12 months you will: Charge the battery only once a day Use your wheelchair on flat and even terrain Only use your wheelchair for a specific length of...

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