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Have A Hard Water Problem That Upsets Your Stomach And Damages Clothes In Your Rental? What To Do

Are you living in a rental that has hard water and you don’t want to pay to have a new water softener installed? Do you have a sensitive stomach and can’t drink the hard water? If so, there are some things you can do to deal with the hard water problems, stains, or smells. There is no need for you to spend personal money to fix the hard water problem, but instead you can filter out the problem for your own water needs with these solutions.

Filtered Water Pitchers

Purchase filtered water pitches from companies like ALKALINE PLANET to store in your refrigerator for when you want to drink fresh water that doesn’t smell or taste funny. You can use this water for cooking or brushing your teeth as well if the scent of the hard water and taste bothers you that badly. Along with pitchers, look for filtered water bottles so you can take chilled water from your house on the go. These filtered pitchers and water bottles will also purify the water and take out other toxins.

Detergent or Tablets for the Washer

Are your clothes getting stained and do you smell the hard water every time you have the washing machine going? If so, there are tablets or laundry detergent you can get that is specifically for hard water, to prevent your clothes from staining and from you having to endure the hard water smells while the machine runs.

Hard Water Stain Cleaner

If the hard water stains on the sinks and other areas of the house bother you, get a cleaning product that is targeted towards hard minerals and hard water stains. The cleaner is going to remove the yellow and brown markings that can be caused by hard water, and will make the sinks and bathtubs look newer and cleaner.

Tell your landlord if there are terrible hard water smells and if the staining is very bad around the house. There could be a problem with the softening system or with the water filtration system, causing the water to be unsafe to drink. Since you are only renting the property you don’t want to spend your own money to get the water tested, or to put in a new water softening system. if the water does damage to any of your clothes or your belongings, you’ll want to tell your landlord you want to be reimbursed for the items that were damaged.