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3 Reasons To Purchase Custom Orthotics

One of the most useful resources at your disposal if you are suffering from a foot issue are custom orthotics, mostly because custom orthotics can provide you with many benefits that off-the-shelf inserts are incapable of matching. Listed below are just a few of the many reasons to consider purchasing custom orthotics.

Specifically Made For Your Issues

The single most important reason to consider custom orthotics is that they are specifically made just for your individual condition and issues. Sure, there are a number of less expensive and readily available off-the-shelf inserts that you can buy, but those only really treat the most common foot issues. This means that if you have multiple foot conditions, severe foot issues, or a somewhat rare issue then you are likely out of luck with an off-the-shelf insert. 

Treats More Than Just Foot Pain

One common misconception is that custom orthotics are only really helpful if your feet are in pain, but this is simply not true. Many types of pain can be a direct result of issues with your feet, even if your feet do not actually hurt. For example, having a foot issue can easily cause you to adjust your gait, which can result in poor posture that can cause hip, back, and even neck pain.

By visiting an orthopedist you can have him or her inspect your gait and the structure of your feet in order to establish if that is why you are experiencing pain in other areas of your body. In that situation, the orthopedist can help you get custom orthotics that can help eliminate the pain throughout your body.

Can Make You More Comfortable

Finally, you should consider purchasing custom orthotics simply because they can make your much more comfortable in your daily life. These orthotics can be made to maximize your comfort so that your feet are less likely to get sore after a long day at work or exercising. A nice added bonus to this is that preemptively using custom orthotics can help you keep foot issues and pain from developing in the first place.

Contact your orthopedist to discuss how custom orthotics can benefit you and help you in your particular situation. These custom orthotics can help with a variety of different types of pain, can be made to treat your individual foot problems, and can make you more comfortable even if you do not have foot issues.