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Adjustment Tips for Your New Progressive No-Line Bifocal Lenses

If you are getting new prescription eyeglasses with progressive no-line bifocal lenses, then you are likely worried about adjusting to wearing them. While adjusting to any new eyeglass prescription is always a challenge, by following these tips you can help your eyes adjust more quickly and with less discomfort and frustration:

Move Your Head Not Your Glasses

Your new progressive lenses are designed so that you see things at a distance by looking straight forward through your glasses. By looking down through the bottom portion of the lenses, you will be able to focus your eyes on things that are close. The rest of the lenses help you to see those distances that are between close and far away.

If you are in the habit of moving your glasses around while you are trying to look at things close to you, then you need to make every effort to get out of this habit. Your new progressive lenses are designed to work with how your eyes and head naturally move and focus at different distances.

While it will take time for you to remember to move your head and not your glasses, the end result is that you will have much clearer vision through your no-line bifocal lenses than you do with a distinct bifocal area with the rest of the eyeglass lenses being designed for seeing only objects at a distance.

Move Electronic Items to Obtain a Clearer View

If you spend a lot of time on your phone, tablet, or laptop, then you will need to experiment with the best distance to view them through your new glasses. Since your last prescription was no longer effective for correcting your sight, you may have become accustomed to viewing your electronic devices at a distance that is different than the ideal viewing distance with your new lenses.

While you are adjusting to your new progressive lenses, move around your electronics, books, and other close-up items to determine where the new “sweet spot” is for the clearest vision.

Wear Only Your New Glasses

While you may be tempted to put on your old glasses to rest your eyes, this action will actually make the adjustment period longer and harder for you. You should make every effort to wear your new glasses all day and evening to force your eyes and brain to adjust to their new normal view.

Be Patient During the Adjustment Period

Finally, try and be patient during the adjustment period for your new progressive no-line bifocals. You may experience a slight headache or eyestrain during the first week with your new glasses while your brain and eyes adjust to your new prescription. However, soon your new progressive lenses will have you seeing perfectly clear again.

If you have any other questions about progressive lenses, consider calling a local optometrist, such as Kamloops Family Vision Clinic, to discuss your concerns.