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Three Tips For Safely Clipping Toenails That Have A Fungus Infection

The more often you wander outside without adequate foot protection, the more you’re at risk of getting a serious toenail fungal infection. While toenail fungal infections vary in the amount of pain and discoloration they cause, they all make it significantly more difficult for you to do routine things like clipping your toenails. To make sure that you don’t cause a lot of pain or exacerbate your fungal infection, remember these three tips when you’re clipping infected toenails.

Make Sure You’re Not Using Clippers That Are Only Designed For Fingernails

You might be able to get away with using small fingernail clippers instead of toenail clippers when you don’t have any infection. But since the fungi will make your toenails both thicker and more susceptible to separating from your feet completely, using fingernail clippers for everything becomes a very bad idea.

Especially if the infection is most serious on your big toes, smaller clippers might not be strong enough to break through your nails at all. If they are, you’ll only be able to clip the toenails at the risk of losing your grip on the metal handle and accidentally tearing the nail off.

While You’re Clipping A Toenail, Put Plenty Of Pressure On It With Your Fingers

Even if you have adequate toenail clippers, the risk of tearing off a nail doesn’t go away completely. To be as safe as possible, cover a nail you’re clipping with the fingers from one of your hands. If you do mess up and begin yanking the toenail in one direction or another, the pressure from your fingernails should be enough to keep the nail in place.

Your fingers will be most effective if you only clip your toenails while your foot is on a hard and stable surface like wood or metal. If your foot is in the air, it’ll be very hard to work with the clippers while simultaneously putting enough pressure on a nail with your fingers.

Soak The Clippers In Soapy Water Every Time They Come Close To The Infection

One of the worst things that can happen because you clipped your toenails is the fungal infection spreading to unaffected nails or nails with only a mild infection. The best way to prevent this is to soak the clippers in a sink filled with soapy water every time they make contact with the infection.

Even if the infection is only visible on the part of a toenail that your clippers don’t touch, close proximity alone means that the clippers are at great risk of being inundated with the infection. So if a toenail looks even remotely abnormal, don’t abstain from giving your clippers the soapy water treatment after you touch it. Click here to learn more about toenail fungus treatment.