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How a Physiotherapist Will Help with Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Do you have bad arthritis in your knee? Have you suffered a severe injury to this part of your body? Has your doctor told you that a total knee replacement is the only way to ease your pain and improve your mobility? If so, aside from your surgeon and your doctor, there is another health professional that you will be interacting with a lot: a physiotherapist.

Here’s a look at how your physiotherapist will be able to help you before and after your total knee replacement.

Before the Surgery

You might be thinking that you won’t need to work with a physiotherapist until after your surgery; however, this health care professional can actually be very helpful prior to your total knee replacement.

Being in good physical health before your surgery will make the recovery better. Prior to the surgery, a physiotherapist can show you how to do exercises that will help to strengthen your legs, back, and other parts of your body that you’ll be using more during the recovery process. This professional will also be able to prepare you for what to expect immediately after the surgery as well as over the long term.

A physiotherapist will also be able to help prepare your home for the recovery process. For example, you may not think to make sure that the paths you will use frequently (between your bedroom and bathroom or your living room and kitchen, for example) are clear before you go into surgery. Modifying your home for the recovery process before surgery is a lot easier than waiting until after you return home.

After the Surgery

After your total knee replacement surgery, you will rely on your physiotherapist a lot. Right after surgery, this health care professional will be able to teach you

  • how to properly use a walker and/or crutches,
  • how to get into and out of a chair or a bed safely, and
  • how to do exercises that will increase your strength and flexibility so that you can regain your mobility.

Additionally, a physiotherapist will be able to show you and anyone who will be taking care of you how to apply cold compresses to the area. By strategically placing the compress on the knee, swelling and pain will be better controlled.

A physiotherapist is an integral part of a total knee replacement. This healthcare professional will make the preparation for and the recovery from your surgery easier and more successful. To find a physiotherapist near you, consider getting in touch with Upper Ottawa Physiotherapy.