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Tell-Tale Signs Your Toddler Is Having Trouble Seeing

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tell-Tale Signs Your Toddler Is Having Trouble Seeing

People of all ages can suffer from vision problems, even those cute little toddlers; and while a toddler’s vision can certainly be corrected, treating his or her vision problems can be a bit more difficult than treating an adult’s. After all, it’s not like your 23 month old is going to tell you that the pictures in the books you are reading him are fuzzy or that the images on a beloved cartoon are distorted. So, how can you tell if your toddler is having difficulty seeing? Look for the following signs to help you determine if your child is having a vision problem. Proximity to Things Does your toddler stand super close to the TV when their favorite cartoon is on? Perhaps you notice that he or she holds books right up to their nose when flipping through...

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